The intended purpose of these illustrations is to depict the path of the maxillary artery and its branches. Three colors were used to show the mandibular (orange), pterygoid (magenta), and pterygopalatine (purple) segments which supply the endocranium and mandible, muscles of mastication, and nasal cavity. The image on the left page depicts the maxillary artery in relation to the external carotid artery and facial structures. Images on the right page depict the maxillary artery in interior view. The upper image shows branches in a sagittal cut; the lower image exposes the external branch of the maxillary artery after the nasal septum is removed.


This piece won the Award of Merit in Association of Medical Illustrators Student Salon in AMI 2014 annual conference at Mayo Clinic.
  • Media: Graphite, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
  • Intended audience: Medical students