The objective of the illustration is to depict feature strategies of a grant application for targeted immunotherapy for brain tumors in a visually appealing small size figure. The strategies include: (1) manipulating blood-brain barrier opening, (2) adhesion of T cells on targeted site, (3) the diapedesis of T cells, (4) checkpoint inhibitors such as PD-1 enable immune cells to fight against brain tumor cells, and (5) tumor infiltrating lymphocytes. Instead of utilizing systemic delivery, administration of therapy is via intraarterial route for better targeting of the tumor region. The grant application advocates a multidisciplinary research program encompassing neuro-oncology, immunotherapy, imaging, biomedical engineering and interventional neuroradiology with a common goal of improving efficacy of immunotherapy of brain tumors.

  • Media: Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Intended Audience: Basic scientists, grant review committee